A Gift in the Mail

This is what it looks like when the Chief Research Officer gets a package in the office mail.



I keep threatening to write a book called “Only At My Place of Work” and this item could be included in the outhouse chapter.

In other news, we’re kinda sick.  Rachel has been coughing a head-rattling cough for weeks–keeps me awake through two shut doors!  Benedryl, albuterol, and Vicks are all needed on her so I can get some sleep!  It started a week after she began some new medication.  She’s now off that, but then Gary got sick last Friday with malaise, headache, sore throat, runny nose, etc. so I sent him home to bed.  Now today I feel like I’m getting it.  All that to say, maybe it wasn’t Rachel’s medication? Maybe she was the first one sick?  But she’s off the medication now and we all feel like we need a vacation instead of facing the last days of the fiscal year with a bunch of looming deadlines.

It is still hot, hot here and I’m getting kinda tired of it.  They are promising it will get below 85 by next Saturday.



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