Sick, Sick, and Still Sick–Probably the Flu

Our household isn’t feeling very well. First Rachel started coughing on Labor Day, and she hasn’t stopped since. (We took her back to the dr. and took her off her newest medication.)

Then last Friday Gary got sick and I sent him home from work. He slept a lot the next two days. Now he feels better but he’s still congested and coughing a little.

Then Sunday I felt fine teaching Sunday School but halfway through the Cowboys’ game my throat started hurting and it went from bad to worse. My fever yesterday was 101.6 and today it is 101. In spite of feeling horrible I drove Rachel to her morning trainings downtown. I stayed out in the car in order to heed the dire warnings they put up all over the hospital with the sanitizing gel dispensers. I just parked in a corner and tried to sleep (but if you know me, I can never all asleep during the daylight hours, even when I feel this bad.)

Gary has 115 unread emails in his inbox (that’s after I deleted all the spam) so we are feeling very behind. Prayers appreciated for us to all start feeling better.


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