We are still coughing here. Ugh. Maybe we’ve had a cold, allergies, the flu and more allergies all in a row. Not sure why the coughing won’t stop.

And we’re still sweating. Temperatures in the upper 90s and no rain. It is starting to feel like a desert.

I broke Rachel’s glasses smack in half while trying to clean them.  We went to the glasses store and ordered some new ones but it will take two weeks.  In the meantime I’ve taped hers back together (kinda).  She’s blind and miserable without them.

Then the Rangers lost.  Beat themselves, really.

Rachel’s car had a flat tire yesterday.  Gary changed it while I read the instructions to him from the owner’s manual.  I wonder how long that nail has been there?  We took the car to the shop today and they will see if the tire can be repaired or not.




I need a vacation.



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