We’re Home. First the Bird Report

We are back from our 10-day trip.  In summary, it was a good trip and all was well at home when we returned.  We thank God for traveling mercies.  It seems it was still summer when we left (hot and dry for 4.5 months) but it turned into a wet fall while we were away (local flooding tonight).

I’ll be posting photos about the trip in the upcoming days.  But to start with, the birding report.  I didn’t bring my scope along–too big to carry–but this would have been a good time to use it.  We just did the best we could with my binoculars, my camera, and Gary’s monocular.  I saw 60 species on this trip in both CA and OR.  This screen shot from eBird shows the tally after Gary and went through the checklists to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything. (click the images to make them bigger)

2015-10-30 22_22_17-Detailed Month Report

I added 8 lifters!  Yay!  One reason there were so many lifers is that this was my first time to go birding in California, so naturally there were new birds.  My life list is now at 399.

2015-10-30 23_13_02-World Life List


Here are a few of my better photos.


Western Gull (lifer)


White-crowned Sparrow


Yellow-rumped Warbler


Pygmy Nuthatch (lifer)




Brown Pelican


Heermann’s Gull (lifer)


Once I saw this tree, I knew I would see this:


Acorn Woodpecker (lifer)




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