(second try) Trip Report: Gary and Linda to CA and OR

(second try on this post!)

I’ve finished organizing my photos and put them into an online photo album. I used captions with the photos to tell the abbreviated version of our trip.

This trip took a lot of planning (well, I guess most trips do) because we wanted to see so many people in a short amount of time–lots of emails and phone calls to connect with folks and make arrangements.  In the end, we saw everyone except for one family that we had tried to make plans with, and added two other “random” friends that just happened to be in the area.

Gary’s parents were with us too.  We booked flights to coincide with theirs at the Oakland airport, got a rental car, and then we were off.  We enjoyed great hospitality from the Hights in Concord before driving on to Santa Cruz to enjoy even more great hospitality from the Dunmires.  Truly we were treated like royalty while we were in California!  The main point of going to CA was to attend High Street Church’s 50+ anniversary celebration–this is the church where Gary grew up and was our very first supporting church.  They’ve been faithfully helping us for 40 years!  Many of the old-timers made it back for this celebration so we and Gary’s folks had a wonderful time seeing old friends.

Then we all flew on to Portland–in separate planes and we visited scenic Salt Lake City on the way!  There Gary and I rented a second car and drove ourselves to David and Sarah’s house during rush hour traffic.  It was so great to see Micah and Emma–they had changed a lot since we saw them in January.  Emma learned to talk since we had been there. They seemed to be happy that we came.  A highlight of our time in Portland was a family dinner including Gary’s sister, Teresa, and her daughters and grandkids.  That meant Wendell and Judy had all their descendants there except Andrew and Isabella.

I had just a little time for birding, but got some new lifers, so that was fun, too.

This online album has a lot of photos, so take some time to click though them and read the short captions.  If nothing else, you’ll enjoy the cute kid photos!  To get started, click on the link below and then use “slideshow” mode for full screen.



One Response to “(second try) Trip Report: Gary and Linda to CA and OR”

  1. Sue West Says:

    HI Linda,
    I loved seeing the pictures of the High Street Church Celebration. So glad you posted them! I was so sorry that I could not make it back for the weekend. Joan told me what a nice time it was, and tried to catch me up on what I missed. Your grandkids are adorable. Sue

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