Thanksgiving in Paris?

It has been a while since I’ve written. Nothing much exciting going on here, so I guess I didn’t have much to write about. Yesterday I was thinking I hadn’t heard from Andrew in a while, so I emailed him to ask how they were all doing. He called me an hour later and we had a nice talk where I learned he was getting on the plane early this morning to head for Paris!

“What??” I said and he replied, “Well, I was planning to call you today and tell you.”

Anyway, he’s going to Paris to present a paper at a conference, and then from there on to Ethiopia for another conference, some work, and meeting with someone from the government. He’ll be gone 12 days. Laura, Lorena, and Isabella will eat Thanksgiving meal some international students who couldn’t go home for the holiday–not sure they will eat turkey, though!

He told me he just finished his 141st job application–What?? There is a crazy system to apply for jobs in his field that culminates in a massive 3 days of interviews in San Francisco on Jan 3-5. He is hoping to get 20 interviews out of this number of applications. So far he has 3 and expects more invites in the weeks after Thanksgiving. I wonder if he will have enough internet access to be able to reply to these invitations while he’s in Ethiopia!

Andrew did send these photos earlier this week of him and Isabella picking fresh cranberries from a bog inCortland–something I’ve never done.





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