Advent Has Begun

Sunday was the first day of Advent.  I enjoyed watching “my boys” put together a manger scene during Sunday School.  On Saturday we got the Christmas stuff out of the closet and put a small amount of it up.  We’re planning a “small” Christmas this year since no family will be here.  In that vein, I bought a “small” Christmas tree–a live pine that we will plant in the yard after the holidays.  We’ve already spent time making Christmas cards–some of you may know what I’m talking about.  Gary started the holiday season with his annual gift from his MIL which he always appreciates, and he never has to share it with me. I’ll post two photos, taken exactly a year apart. Seems this guy needs a new tee shirt, eh?






In the health news, I have a toothache and it is making me grumpy.  I’m going to the dentist tomorrow morning.  As for Gary, he has a squamous skin cancer on his arm and we couldn’t get it scheduled for removal until after Christmas.  As for Rachel, we’re all grumpy after going through the Marketplace health insurance stuff today and learning her premium for 2016 is going to be about 3 times higher than it was.  Ugh–maybe we didn’t fill something out correctly.  On the other hand, we can hope she soon finds a job that includes health insurance! 🙂

In other other news, Andrew emailed to say he made it safely to Ethiopia, David called and said they spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Sarah’s parents, and Rachel has been working about 3 hours a day in Gary’s office doing a “voluntold” data entry job.  We’re grateful for her help while she still doesn’t have a job.






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