Polly-Glot A Craker?! Clever Title


A retired colleague brought us a newspaper clipping from the Wall Street Journal that mentioned the Ethnologue. Turns out it was actually on the newspaper’s front page on Wednesday.

Here is Gary’s explanation:

A colleague at church tonight handed me a clipping from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. We got mentioned in an article about the difficulty that talking-parrot vendors in Nigeria have with the fact that there are so many languages. I kid you not!


The question is what Nigerians want their pets to say. The country’s 182 million people speak 520 different languages, according to Ethnologue, an atlas of the world’s linguistic boundaries, published by the International Linguistics Center in Dallas.

It is odd that they came up with ILC rather than SIL as the publisher​, but at least they got the name of our product right.​

One never knows how the Ethnologue is used…



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