We’ve been busy with a few Christmas things–choir performances, get-togethers with friends,etc. I’m putting together an album of photos which I’ll post eventually.  Today I finally got the rest of the gifts in the mail.  Next project:  Christmas newsletter.

But in the meantime, a little update about life. Good news: David was accepted into the fellowship he applied for in Portland–a one-year glaucoma research fellowship. That means they don’t have to move.

Andrew got home safely from his recent trip to Ethiopia. He has reported to me that his job hunt is progressing. He has done 3 Skype interviews and has at least 9 more scheduled for in person early in the new year. Wouldn’t it be nice (for us) if he got a job at one of the three Texas schools where he is interviewing?

In other news, I have another toothache and Gary is having skin cancer surgery on Dec 28. We’re getting old, what can I say?  But not as old and Florence and Evelyn whom we visited on Sunday when our choir was performing at Presbyterian Village.  Florence had no clue who we were and didn’t look very well.  Evelyn didn’t have a clue who we were either, but she looks like she’ll live another 100 years (she turned 100 last March).


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