Party Time Begins

Today started out pretty bad.  Gary had to take two of his three computers, plus a thumb drive, to the shop because he got infected with some nasty malware.  This made him exceptionally grumpy!  I tried to cheer him up with lunch at a new taco stand nearby with only outdoor seating.  He is still able to do some work using his laptop which isn’t infected.



I sent out our latest newsletter today–at least the electronic version of it.  Rachel is also finishing up her annual letter.  We’ll try to get those finished soon, and then we can pretty much relax for the rest of the Christmas season.  Tonight we are off to two Christmas parties, then two more on Friday.  And speaking of parties, Auntie Carol decided to organize a New Year’s Eve party in honor of our 40th anniversary, so that will be nice.


One Response to “Party Time Begins”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Congratulations! It was snowy and cold really cold, I remember here in Butternut on that Christmas Day. Wow, I was 19 years old almost 20. Was home from College on break. Yes, thats right I will be 60 on Jan. This year I doubt we will see any snow, it is suppose to be 50 degrees. You will have prayers from us on your special Day. Jerry and Kathy

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