Happy New Year!

n.b.  Click on the photos to see them better.  Also, I’ve added them to the web album I made earlier of our Christmas photos.

We had a nice end to 2015.  On Dec 31 we got up early-ish and went to see Star Wars at our local theater which has these wonderful recliners for seating.



After that it was Ton’s for lunch–our favorite place.  Then we went home and got ready for a New Year’s Eve party that was doubling as a 40th anniversary party.  We cleaned house and assembled our cake.  Rachel helped a lot and Gary added the intertwined hearts and we stuck with red for Ruby Anniversary.



Look at the table decor–if I remember the story correctly, the white crocheted tablecloth was made by Gary’s Grammie–all of it except the part she never finished.  Gary’s mom inherited it and held on to it, but then she was about to toss it when they downsized and I rescued it.  I can’t crochet, but I found a coworker who can and asked her to finish it.  I offered to pay, but she wouldn’t take pay and instead suggested I make a donation to the MK group, which I was happy to do do.  So, if I am not mistaken, this is the first time this tablecloth was ever used even though it is somewhere between 35 and 50 years old.  (Judy, correct me on the details if I don’t have this story right.)

Tablecloth started by Olive (Grammie) but never finished. I rescued it from the trash and Marcia Daly completed it for me.


And speaking of precious handmade items, Carol Orwig surprised us with a beautiful full-sized quilt she had made over the last three years.  We love it!  What a wonderful anniversary gift.



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