Birding Report

Tomorrow it is back to work.  Well, it is after we have our teeth cleanings at 8 and 9am.  (We had scheduled them for Dec 28 but our dentist got stranded in Chicago with bad weather and had to reschedule.)  I’ve got a couple more blogs in mind (grandkid photos) but first my birding report.

2015 was not as good a year of birding for me as 2014 was. One real reason was that my favorite birding spot (besides my backyard), was closed for months due to flooding (that would be Cedar Hill State Park). It is STILL flooded and looks like it will be a long time before the marina is rebuilt.  Dallas got about twice its average rainfall in 2015 after about 5 years of drought.

In other birding news, Gary’s Christmas project was to “write a book” about birds in Dallas county.  Somehow he manipulated the eBird data for Dallas county and created frequency graphs for each species and turned that into an ebook.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it when he finishes it.

Christmas Eve day we went to Dallas County’s hottest birding spot–White Rock Lake and enjoyed several hours there.  We did good to get there before the sun came up–we saw about 15 species without even leaving the parking lot at the break of dawn.  Today I went to the state park and enjoyed a leisurely bird walk in peace and quiet and saw about 20 species.  Here are a few photos.











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