Play It Again

Today was a work holiday. But I had forgotten that fact when I scheduled fasting blood tests for 8am, so there was no sleeping in for us. Good thing I’m not queasy with the blood letting because it took the poor phlebotomist about 6 times moving the needle around in my right arm before she gave up and tried the left arm. Wait–she’s not the poor one here–I am! At least we treated ourselves to Egg McMuffins on the way home.

DSC09408Then Rachel (shown here in her favorite new jacket that she wears day and night) and I went to her dr. appointment, only to be told that her new insurance plan (same company) is not accepted by her doctor. We were also told they don’t take medicare which we have applied for. We walked out without seeing the dr. or getting her prescription renewed.  😦  So, looks like Rachel is out of luck and will have to look for another doctor and I will have to keep playing Dr. Mom to get the infection out of her ingrown toenail (I’m making her soak it and putting antibiotic ointment on it).

Other health news is that I contacted an endodontist for a root canal do-over. Ugh. I’ve had an abscess on my back tooth for 6 weeks. I kept hoping it would just go away…

Gary and I have our almost-annual physicals this week.  I should have scheduled them before the holidays…

In other news, my Aunt Shirley passed away yesterday, one of my dad’s sisters. My cousin Laurie was her main caretaker and the two of them have had a fairly hard life. She died of liver cancer.

Gary did some work today, I think, but he has also been playing with his updated Finale software. That’s the software that hooks his digital piano to his computer. He is busy arranging us a new choir anthem, I believe.

I got so many compliments (on Facebook) on my wedding cake that I got 3 new cake orders yesterday! Now I use the word “orders” lightly, since I don’t really have a business and I don’t charge for my cakes, just take donations. 🙂 I’m trying to get Rachel to help me more and more so then I can give half of the donations to her.


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