Health Report

Gary and I had our not-so-annual physicals this week. Gary had a good report. In fact, she said he was in “excellent health.” She isn’t counting the skin cancer or Stargart’s disease, or that his ears are full of wax!

As for me, she did say “You don’t look 62” but I bet she says that to all her patients. She said I was in “good health” but she wasn’t counting the fact I’m getting cataracts and almost–but not quite–have diabetes.

I also went to the endodontist and the news there was not as bad as I had feared. She said there were three possible explanations for my abscessed tooth, but that a “failed root canal” was not likely one of them. So she prescribed a week oral of antibiotics (with each dose to be preceded by a probiotic–does that mean they will cancel out to just be a biotic??) and also antibiotic mouthwash. If this treatment fails, the next step is a “deep cleaning” where they scrub out the gum and if that fails, then extraction.


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