Another Week, Another Cake

Rachel and I made another cake this week, a 50th anniversary cake for parent of a friend of hers. Getting the gold (or silver) on a cake is a little tricky, but this was the result, and I was reasonably happy with it. The layers were filled with whipped ganache.


I’m not feeling so great from the antibiotics I’m taking. I have an unpleasant feeling in my esophagus, a little like heartburn. Too early to tell if they are helping the abscess or not.

January is always a good month for birdwatching in the back yard. Twenty different species showed up this weekend, and one of them was a first for our backyard: Eastern Bluebird. This photo isn’t that great, but if you look hard, you can tell that the bird on the right is an Eastern Bluebird.  Pine Siskin and Goldfinch are the other two.  That brought my backyard life list up to 81!


The anthem arrangement Gary has been working on is completed, and he spoke to the pastor and choir director today about it and the plan is our choir will sing it on Feb. 14:  O Love that will not Let Me Go.  I wish you all could hear it.

In other news, Andrew just texted me from the Krang Tunnel (aka the underground tunnel in the Detroit airport) saying he was on his way to Oakland, CA for an interview at a place called Mathematica.


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