Update After the Superbowl

Well, I’m not that much into football, but I was happy to see the old guy win. We had a small party with a couple colleagues who brought food. We also ate cookies that Rachel and I made yesterday.

Speaking of baking, we did another wedding cake last week for a wedding yesterday. I made a gumpaste sunflower using a technique I learned from Youtube and also using the coloring chalks that David and Sarah got me for Christmas a few years ago.  I got a generous donation for this one, so I’m sharing with Rachel to put into her computer repair fund.

1-Cake Hesse Eaton MK wedding-001

Speaking of David and Sarah, I’m hoping to make some progress on getting the new Emma portraits framed this week. I might not be able to afford to do all of them this month, but I hope to at least get theirs and the original done soon.  The more I look at the painting, the more I like it.  And it makes me miss her!

We had a nice chat with Andrew this week as he was traveling home from Georgia where he had interviewed for his second of three job interviews. I think tomorrow he is off to NYC for the last of the scheduled interviews.

Gary has been so, so busy trying to get the next edition of the Ethnologue out in time for International Mother Language Day on Feb 21. I’m trying to do my part as the official bibliographer.

I ran out to the park after lunch for a couple hours of walking in the beautiful weather before the Superbowl party. Not too many birds, but I did find a cooperative Vesper Sparrow.


Lastly, three odd things from last week:

  1. Rachel ran into someone she had met briefly over 10 years ago and they pronounced:  “I’m going to pray that a fiance will come and snatch you out of your parents’ house.” (!!)
  2. Gary was given a 1934 Indian Head nickel in change at Starbucks.
  3. The bank deposited (accidentally) $14,000 into Rachel’s bank account.  Yes, we immediately caught the problem and they fixed it.

Now, back to our normal life…


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