2016-02-24 21_05_12-Ethnologue

It’s that time of year again–a new edition of the Ethnologue was released by Gary and company on Monday. However, there were so many immediate problems with it that had to be fixed on Monday and Tuesday that I’m only today announcing it. 🙂

The total number of languages for this edition is 7,097.  If you want to know the specifics of how that number came be from the number that it was a year ago, then read Gary’s explanation here.

One very sad thing to say about this edition is that it is the last one to boast Paul Lewis as its General Editor.  Paul is wanting to retire soon so he announced that he was stepping down as General Editor as soon as the 19th edition went live.  Paul has done a tremendous job in this position, a sociolinguist both intelligent and kind, who is able to relate to the many different audiences of the Ethnologue.


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