Happy Birthday, Gary


Today is Friday, but we didn’t go to work today. Starting yesterday at noon we took a day and a half of vacation, but really I’d like to call it comp time to start to make up for all the extra hours Gary put in recently to finish the Ethnologue. The first hours of our “vacation” were spent completely vacuuming the house–it really needed it. Then clean the bathrooms, do some dusting, take out the trash, send out a newsletter, etc. After that we watched the first episode of Fuller House, which Rachel really liked as it brought back lots of childhood memories for her.

Today I got up not quite as early as on a week day and made fresh blueberry muffins for breakfast.


Rachel had a 4-hour grandma sitting job this afternoon, so while she was working Gary and I had lunch with friends Dave and Sharla in Arlington at a place called Prince Lebanese Grill.  Pretty tasty, and not bad for a made-over Sonic drive in!

Then we spent a couple hours at the poo ponds looking for birds.  Due to the year of heavy rains, all ponds were full of water and there were lots of ducks.  Oddly, we didn’t see a single heron or egret.  30 species total.


Then we went to Appleby’s for dinner, using a gift card we were given for our anniversary.

Then home for a piece of the birthday cake I had made to take to the office on Thursday.


Tomorrow will be more like a regular Saturday–mow the lawn, prepare my Sunday School lesson, do the laundry.  I’m thinking about running the smoker tomorrow too–we’ll see.  Last time we did that we had leftovers that lasted for weeks, and that was kinda nice.


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