We Voted and Micah Built a Cool Tower

I truly hate politics, so I won’t say much here, except to say that we voted at the library today. And secondly, I’ll say, “Really, America, is this the best we can do??”


On a more cheerful note, David sent a couple photos of Micah and his building projects. That boy might grow up to be an architect!


Speaking of Micah and his family, I see from my USPS tracking service that a certain package was delivered to their front porch today–I hope they like it!!  And my mom should keep an eye out for a similar package that should arrive in Carson City on March 7.

I also found this fun photo of Isabella from last Saturday’s Cornell Hockey game.  But really, who drinks Icees in the winter??


In other news, Rachel continues to work a couple hours each morning on a boring volunteer job Gary has given her, and she continues to do grandma-sitting a couple times a week. She has also helped me with getting paperwork organized to start the taxes.


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