Exquisite Emma

First there was Beautiful Bella. Then there was Magnificent Micah. Now we have Exquisite Emma.

1-phone shot from Sarah Graham-001

I’m so happy to have the third grandchild portrait to add to my collection. Just looking at them makes me happy. (And sometimes makes me sad because I miss those kids so much!)

I’ve sent prints to the parents and grandparents and I’m working on a few additional novel presentations for my own personal use, which maybe I’ll eventually blog about.  Getting the prints made and then framed and then mailed took a bit of doing, but I’m almost finished with the process.

My mom’s reaction: She looks like she’s about to cause trouble!

The artist, Sarah Graham, combined three different photos of Emma to compose the portrait. She said she was happy to have such good photos to work from. (Actually, she said that was true of all three of the portraits she made for me.)




Speaking of the artist, I’m going to a baby shower for her tomorrow afternoon.  This Emma portrait was delayed a few months until after the morning sickness subsided and now she awaits the arrival of her son.  I told her I wanted her to finish my portrait before the baby came because, well you know, she won’t have another spare minute or peaceful studio for the next 18 years or so.  🙂


2 Responses to “Exquisite Emma”

  1. Mary Says:

    Beautiful  ! ! !! !  !  I agree with your Mom.  Looks like she has found something to get into.

  2. Sue West Says:

    Just darling…Something to treasure! She certainly is a cutie.

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