Gary is on his way to Spain at the moment. Actually, he’s hanging out at the Atlanta airport this very minute because they changed the schedule and he has to stay awake until 1 am to catch the next flight.  We think a colleague who is going to the same meetings is on the same flight, so they should be able to share a taxi together when they get to Sevilla.  The meetings are at a small seminary, and Gary is pretty sure that there will not be enough internet or even enough electrical plugs for everyone to be online.  We’ll see if he manages to email me!  🙂

After we dropped Gary off, Rachel and I had an early dinner then went to Cedar Hill State Park for a bit of exercise and bird watching.  The temperature was perfect and the clouds were in interesting formations after  a week of almost solid but light rain.  A few wildflowers are out, but we didn’t see any bluebonnets yet.




When we got home the first thing we did was set all the clocks ahead so we wouldn’t forget and be late for church tomorrow!

Gary took Friday off work so we could do our taxes.  Being the cheap missionary, I don’t want to spend money on a “tax guy” or even tax software, so we keep trying to do it ourselves with the Free File Fillable Forms method.  I hope we did them right because it seems like the process gets more complicated each year!  I do the first draft, then we go thru them together to try to find mistakes, and there usually are some.  At least we’re getting a refund.  Then next we moved to doing Rachel’s taxes which are crazy complicated for someone with basically no income!   I hope we did them right.  She’s getting a small refund too.

The other thing I did this weekend was spend all of Gary’s frequent flyer miles for our upcoming trips to see Andrew graduate and David finish his residency.  In fact, I ran out of his miles before we got all the Portland flights purchased, but I’ll keep working on them.  At least he’s getting more miles as I type!


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  1. Mary Says:

    Really love hearing from you.  Mary

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