Out in the Yard

Wow, it was about perfect weather today. That meant getting some yard work done! Rachel and I substituted some mowing and weeding for our treadmill walk, since Gary isn’t here to do his job. Everything is growing and budding and blossoming and flying and shining.





As soon as we quit mowing the birds swooped in, including these rather thirsty Cedar Waxwings.





In other news, we took Rachel’s computer in for repair today.  The hard drive had died and she may or may not get her data back.  Yes, she should have been making backups on a regular basis, but no, she had not made one for some time.

I’ll not tell the story at the moment, but I will say that Gary finally got to Spain, after some adventures along the way and an extra day in Amsterdam.

Last, but not least, we had some extremely fresh lettuce in our salads yesterday.





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