Gary’s Trip to Spain

Gary made it to Spain, but with an adventure.  I’ll try to distill it here.

He left Dallas on time, but before we even left home to drive to the airport we were getting messages from the airlines saying that the second flight was going to be delayed by 4 hours.  What?? 4 hours?  Turns out the inbound flight to Atlanta had a medical emergency that took 4 hours.

While in Atlanta for these 4 hours Gary met up with a colleague, Mrs. Davison, who was going to the same meetings.   They had already made plans to share a taxi when they got to Seville.  Well, the 4 hour delay leaving Atlanta meant that the flight to Seville was already boarding, in a far concourse, when they got to Amsterdam.  So as they started rushing to get to it, along came a speeding cart, and when Mrs. Davison tried to dodge it, she fell and split open her chin which bled profusely.   Gary made the decision to stay with her to make sure she was OK rather than run off to get on the flight and leave her there bleeding!  Turns out they won’t let you on a plane if you’re bleeding, anyway!

The cart driver was very apologetic and helpful and managed to get Mrs. Davison taken to the airport medical center where they used butterfly bandaids and superglue to patch her up.  Then the driver worked with KLM airlines to give them free hotel and meals as they had to wait 24 hours for the once-daily flight to Seville.  Gary had nice internet from his hotel room, so he emailed me the story.

Eventually, they did get to Seville, but the internet there isn’t so great, and I haven’t heard much from him since his arrival.

In other news, I saw a not-quite-lifer bird on Sunday at Taco Cabana–Eurasian Collared Dove eating tortilla scraps.  I had never seen this invasive species in Dallas county before though I had seen it twice in Arizona and once is south Texas.




One Response to “Gary’s Trip to Spain”

  1. Mary Says:

    I love hearing about all the things your family gets into.! ! ! 

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