Palm Sunday Update

Click on the photos to enlarge them for a better look.12771851_10154014692425229_5246905885154271502_o

Saturday afternoon I attended a memorial service for Lois Lee, shown seated on far right in this photo from 1979 taken in the Solomon Islands.  Some of you will recognize Don and Launa Davis in this photo but you may not recognize me and Gary!!  (I’m sure glad those gigantic glasses went out of style…)  The service for Lois was lovely; she was a serve-everybody kind of person.


In other news, we had a tiny hail storm one morning this week.  Arlington had it much worse.


I tried one of those Facebook recipes–making a whole “roasted” chicken in the crockpot.  Not bad.


Rachel is happy to be putting her old/new computer back together.  One thing nice about losing your hard drive is that it saves you a lot of cleanup! 🙂

Today is Palm Sunday.  I worked with my Sunday School boys to each make a set of Resurrection Eggs to use in retelling the Easter story.  We’ve signed up to use them to do just that during the children’s sermon time next Sunday.


Today SS kids of all ages processed in with their palms.




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