Gary is Home

Gary failed to keep his phone charged, so I hadn’t heard from him along his journey yesterday. We weren’t entirely sure he would be on his flight due to the extra airport security resulting from the Brussels bombings. But we did eventually find him last night, and he had not even heard about the bombings which took place just has he was waking up to start his way home!

He went to work as usual this morning but throughout the day has been telling me stories of eating lots of paella, both small and giant pans of it, visiting the birthplace of Trajan and visiting the monastery where the bible was first translated into Spanish.




I should also mention that Gary was on this trip to Spain, followed by a side trip to England for 3 days, and managed to spend $10 over the entire 10 days he was traveling!  I guess he has lots of friends along the way to take care of him.


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