Update on the Sick

Shortly after the photos shown in the previous post were taken I started to get sick. I’ve now had a fever for 3 days, but I think I’m starting to feel a bit better. Gary is snuffling and coughing, too. Also, he has angioedema pretty bad on his feet. I wish we knew for sure what causes that because then I’d know what not to feed him. Maybe Rachel won’t get our flu because she actually had a flu shot.

I sent a cake to work with Gary and Rachel today for Carol’s birthday–hers and another colleague, Melinda, who both have birthdays this week.  I assured them that I iced the cake while wearing a face mask and gloves so as to not contaminate it with the flu.

unnamed (2)

In other news, Andrew is on his way to Washington DC for a conference.  This morning he sent me this photo of Bella getting a Student of the Month award recently.

image1 (1)

And speaking of grandkids, today I bought our tickets to go to Portland in June.  Turns out we didn’t have enough miles to buy free tickets, so we had to buy them.  Southwest from Love Field was the cheapest by quite a bit, so Rachel and I will be traveling to Portland on June 7, meeting Gary at the airport as he flies in from Australia, then we all go back to Dallas on June 14, at different times and to different airports, but hopefully we’ll find a way to make it work!  Gary’s folks may go to Portland too at that time, so we’ll have another mini reunion with some of the family.



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