Lazy Person’s Picnic

I still very congested and creaky sounding, but the weather is so nice I wanted to go on a picnic this evening. I was too lazy/tired/sick to put together real picnic food, so I ordered Mr. Jim’s Sticky Fingers and called Gary to come home on time so we could pick up the pizza on the way to the park. (So nice to be only 5 miles from the state park!)








One Response to “Lazy Person’s Picnic”

  1. Mary Says:

    It was a beautiful day!  I fell Tuesday and  am really banged up.  Dean said he heard I got in a fight with drunken sailor  and I lost.  Any way, no permanent damage.  Broken glasses though and it will be at least a week before I get them.  God is good.  My face looks like a Halloween mask.  Love your e-mails.

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