A Big Change


I’ve been thinking about change lately.  Lots of changes going on in our organization and we all often have changes in our personal lives.  This ties in with the Sunday School lesson I already told you about from Acts 10 and 11.  It is a story about a HUGE (or “yuge” as some people say) change for both the Jews and the Gentiles, at least the Jews and the Gentiles who become Christian believers.

  • This story represents a huge change that follows a life of other changes for the disciples.
  • It was such an important change that God had to approach it from both sides–he sent an angel to both the Jew and the Gentile so that they would both start to get ready for the change.
  • The conversation God had with Peter included Peter arguing with God and God having to repeat himself three times. The Gentile, on the other hand, was very receptive to God’s message.
  • The change took some time to happen–it was a process.
  • The change involved lots of people from both sides.
  • In the end, God had to send the Holy Spirit to finish up the job.
  • At first, the change was not accepted by the leadership that was in place at the time.
  • This story of a specific change that happened at a specific time in history has had, and continues to have, long-reaching implications for all believers to this day.

(image stolen from the internet)


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