Gary has been in Thailand for a few days. I asked him to send a photo I could use on the blog, but so far that hasn’t happened. He has emailed me a couple times so I know he got there, plus someone else sent a photo he was in. His hasn’t been able to use his debit card, so no luck getting cash out of the ATM yet.

Here is a photo I can post:


This is Gary and me with Gary’s SIL colleague and Cornell mentor Joe Grimes. Joe was in Dallas to do the typesetting on the Hawaiian Pidgin Bible so we talked him into going to Ton’s for dinner before Gary left for Thailand.

Rachel started her new little job yesterday. Only 11 hours per week and not much over minimum wage, but it is at her church with people she knows, and so not too stressful and not a long drive away. She will be the second teacher in the 4 year old class.  She has several more weeks’ worth of data entry to do at the volunteer job Gary has her working on, so she will keep doing that on the mornings she is not at her new job.



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