The Newest Dr. Simons

13308639_10155091768674848_5086159354211253751_oToday Andrew had his dissertation defense (at Cornell this is known as one’s B exam), and he passed.  Yay, Andrew! His three professors had several comments, but they were all constructive and not aggressive. They signed the paper and then we went out to lunch to celebrate. Now he’s taking a nap to recover.

20160524_185623We have been here a couple days, and so far the weather has just been perfect, although the locals are mentioning how hot it is. We’ve been out to Sweet Melissa’s for Two-berry Twist ice cream. We’re making plans for a party with two other graduates and their families for Saturday after the Ph.D. hooding ceremony.  I’m planning a cake, but it won’t be a really fancy one since I’m in someone else’s kitchen.

2016-05-26 15.42.44

There is the official university-wide graduation on Sunday morning which we probably won’t attend, and then a smaller event at the Ag college which we will attend.  Then we have to run Gary off to the Ithaca airport so he can depart for Australia.


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