Sunday Update

Rachel and I had an eventful trip back to Dallas last Wednesday. We got up late (since my phone was in blocking mode the alarm didn’t ring) at 4:25 am and had to rush to get the the Ithaca airport for a 6am flight. Only to discover that the flight was delayed by 6 hours!! And then I discovered that Delta had sent me a text in the middle of the night to say we were rerouted to leave at noon but but I didn’t hear it (since my phone was in blocking mode). But since we were actually standing there, the Delta lady rerouted us to get home a couple hours sooner by going via Syracuse. Of course that meant taking a taxi from Ithaca to Syracuse, but at least they paid for it.  We were fortunate that the person we had scheduled to pick us up at the airport was available to come get us at 6pm instead of 10:30am, so that worked out nicely.

Then when we got home we opened the door to an awful smell. My practically new freezer had died and all the food inside was rotting. Ugh.

So we had to go out to find something for dinner, there being no frozen leftovers to eat. Then spent the evening cleaning up the freezer. I’ve been working to see if we can get it repaired or replaced, but they don’t make it easy. We’ll see.

20160604_114333 (1)The yard was out of control too, since there has been so much rain. On Friday evening Rachel and I each took a turn mowing, then again on Saturday morning, and finally finished at noon. The temps were reasonable, so even though my face was beet red, it was tolerable. While mowing and trimming we found 6 giant ant hills, 3 species of poisonous fungus, and I chopped a baby snake in half with the trimmer.  And I got attacked by a thorny tree branch which drew blood.  Who knew yard work was so dangerous?

Since then we’ve doing laundry, thinking about Micah’s upcoming birthday party (Star Wars theme) and I even went to work for a couple days. Rachel is actually sick again with yet another cold or flu. Too much coughing around here.

I’ve heard from Gary a few times (he’s in Melbourne, Australia).  Sounds like the conference went well, and the extra days he wants to do some personal work with someone who lives there.

Lord willing Gary’s flight will arrive in Portland, OR only 15 minutes after Rachel and I arrive day after tomorrow.  David and Sarah are both working that day, so we plan to take the train, then the bus, and find our way to the non-airport car rental place then get to their house just a bit before Sarah gets home.

In other news, Evelyn Pike passed away yesterday at the age of 101.  I am so sorry we are going to miss her funeral.


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