My Trip to Michigan

Wow, two weeks since my last post. Hard to believe that I’ve been on three trips in one month. Usually Gary does all the traveling and I stay home, but my most recent trip was by myself.  It had been nearly 2 years since I had seen my mom–since her 80th birthday party two years ago.

I got home a 6pm tonight and the house was clean and there was food a-cookin’! Will wonders ever cease?!?  Thank you to all who helped Gary and Rachel in various ways while I was gone–they did not look any worse for my absence.

I forgot to take a photo of my last rental car–bright red and brand new. Not at all my kind of car.  And, sadly, I didn’t get any close up photos of mom, Deb, and I.  They always complain about me taking their photos, so I guess I didn’t even try this time!


Mom and I made a trip to the cemetery,


and then a trip to the Mennonite farm stand where I bought these gorgeous Michigan strawberries.  They tasted SOOO good!  Yesterday I bought some more so I could have them one more time before returning home.


On Thursday mom and I visited Bob and Patty Nosker who treated us to a very tasty lunch–always good to visit with them!


On Sunday morning I went to church twice.  First with mom and Deb and Jim for the early service, and then I walked a block to this church where my cousin Larry is the preacher.  Larry wasn’t there, but his wife and sister were, so I got a chance to visit with them.



A highlight of this trip was the Symphonettes reunion in Grand Rapids on Friday and Saturday.  So fun to see these girls with whom I sang over 40 years ago!


On Monday I got up early for some birding.  Didn’t see anything too exotic, but did find 25 total species, including this Phoebe.


Nice to go and nice to be back!



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