Happy Birthday to Me

It is the time of year when I become older than Gary. It happens every year on my birthday. I had a nice birthday, including:

  • an ice cream social in my honor at coffee break at the office on Friday
  • Rachel baked me a chocolate cake–99% by herself.  It was yummy and I’m having the leftovers for supper tonight
  • We went out for lunch at a new sushi restaurant, and I didn’t eat sushi.  The teriyaki was good.
  • I got lots of cards from friends and relatives.  Some included $$ and some included chocolate!  One included a bag of bird seed!
  • Rachel made me buy myself two new spatulas, and I love them both.
  • I bought myself a new upright freezer.  We expect delivery July 11.







In other news, Gary preached at church today in our pastor’s absence.  Our church does a live stream of the services, which are also recorded. So if you go to this link: http://www.fpcd.org/archives/7743 you’ll see the triangle to play the video. You can see us in the choir at minute 3:20. The choir anthem (Peace in the Valley) is at minute 22, and Gary’s sermon starts at minute 26.

Speaking of church, the Cordova family made these fun July 4th refreshments for the social time after church.  And if you look closely you’ll see a Sousaphone in the background–Jason playing patriotic tunes as only a tuba can do:



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