Emma’s Tree

You may remember that we’ve planted trees in honor of our three grandchildren, and I’m happy to report that all three trees are growing well. We’ve had quite a bit of rain this spring and early summer and the trees seem to love it. The Isabella Elm and the Micah Oak are in the back, but the Emma Ash is right in the front. It is still a young tree, but it makes enough shade on these hot and sunny days for one person–we sure miss our two big trees that had to be cut down! David and Sarah, please show this photo to Emma and tell her to come have her photo taken with her tree sometime!



In other news, we had our annual All-Star Party at our house last night with just two visitors.  But since they brought pizza and taco salad, we were very happy they came!  And of course, Gary got to throw peanut shells on the tarp-covered floor.



I spoke with Laura today and she is feeling pretty good after her surgery a week ago–so good she is bored and wants to be able to start driving and stuff again.


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