Well, I’m not keeping up with this blog very well, it seems. Maybe it’s the weather–ugh, it is HOT. Hot and dry. Of course, this is August in Texas, so what do I expect? Our air conditioner cannot keep up after about 4:30 until sometime during the night.

Here is today’s cake, for a baby shower for a friend. (Tomorrow there should be another one for another baby shower.)





I talked to both of the boys this week.  David has started his new fellowship and says he is back in student mode and can’t have his own surgeries yet.  Andrew is not especially happy because the closing on their house got postponed for various reasons and it looks as though it might be postponed again.  They are frustrated with the delays instead of being happy they get to own a home.  Not much new with Rachel except that she found a pay check from last March that she had lost in her desk, so she got paid extra this week (sorta).

I was able to get a quite decent video of a pair of Painted Buntings getting a drink in the back yard this week.  I posted this video on a Facebook bird page and got over 200 likes!  🙂  It is less than one minute long  and best viewed in full-screen mode since these birds are pretty little!


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