More Cake

13892373_10101957372137594_1669278439942426075_nThis was a two cake weekend. In fact, two baby shower cakes. All my friends are having grandbabies!

Here is a link to try:

If it works, you’ll see today’s cake–a small Rubber Ducky cake for Kristyn Mannoia–and my old Picasa album of all the cakes I’ve made (well, all the ones I took photos of, that is).

That brings up my latest gripe with Google.  Picasa Web Albums no longer exist, at least not in the form we’ve grown used to.  That means that all the blogs I’ve made over the years with links to Picasa Web Albums no longer work.  I’m being encouraged to move to Google Photos, but it is an experience tailored for casual cell phone photos, not carefully edited photos taken with a purpose.

In other news, I forgot to mention that David and family recently attended the 4oth meeting of the Christian Ophthalmology Society which was being held in Portland this year.  He said he was giving a 6-minute speech about an interesting case.  There were also activities for spouses and children, so that was nice.

In other news, Gary and the rest of the Ethnologue team leave for Chiang Mai, Thailand on Saturday and will be gone 2 weeks.  And I don’t expect Gary to get much work done before leaving because he is glued to the TV to watch all the Olympics going on.


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