Cultured Child

I guess visiting the NY Museum of Modern Art takes the edge off being homeless. 🙂



In other news,  I haven’t heard much from Gary.  I think his first workshop is already done, but lots of other meetings on the side are keeping him busy.

Here at home, I took Rachel for an eye exam on Monday that took forever because three people plus a machine all tried to figure out her glasses prescription.  She ended up with a second dilation, this time with a very strong drug, and her eyes were dilated for over 24 hours.  Besides that, a friend hasn’t been feeling well, so I’ve taken her to the Doc-in-a-Box then to the ER.  She can’t really drive, so I’m helping with that.

We’re having the oddest weather this week–cool and rainy, and this is August!  This is vacation week for Rachel, so we planned to go to the Arboretum, but it has been raining too much too much to go.  She did have a babysitting job this morning.

I’m working on a couple cookie cakes for a graduation this weekend.

OK, not much else for news.


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