Can You Believe This Weather?!

It has rained for a solid week, and this is August. So strange! It has been a light, drizzly rain most of the time. We kinda felt like we were getting cabin fever, so last night Rachel and I and our colleague-intern Abbey decided to go to the state part for a cookout in spite of the overcast skies.

Well, that turned out to be a big fail. I did actually get the charcoal burning nicely in the chimney starter and just as I poured it into the grill, the heavens opened up. At least it was a warm rain!




Then a minute later I got a text from Laura and Isabella who were on a layover at Dallas Love field and wondering if I could pick them up in the case that their connecting flight got canceled. “Of course,” I said with foggy glasses and rain dripping off my head. Well, it turned out that their flight was delayed about 45 minutes, but not actually canceled, so no rush trip to the airport. I have to wait until Tuesday night to see them.  We packed up the wet mess, let the rain extinguish the charcoal, and packed it all back into the car.  Then we went home and cooked our food in a frying pan.

In other news, I have heard from Gary. Sounds like they are running him ragged with meetings, classes, and consultations, but he he is doing well. They have had a few power outages to deal with too.  Here is a photo of the kind of transport they are using to get to the evening meals and market.  He also reported that it is raining there too, and he’s hoping the underwear he sent out for laundry a couple days ago eventually comes back dry!



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