Andrew, Laura, and Bella Came to Visit

It has been a busy week. Due to the delays in closing on their new house, Andrew and family came to Dallas for a visit. First Bella and Laura came while Andrew was at orientation for his new job. Then he came out here too. Their main job while here was to sort through their stuff that had been in storage at Rachel’s townhouse.  Oh, and Gary came home from two weeks in Thailand on the same day that Andrew arrived, but at different airports!

The Lord really worked out the timing of all this rather nicely, first for them to come at all, and then to come just as Rachel’s renters were moving out. That meant a big air conditioned place to work which was very helpful.  The time with them was intense, but we are always happy to have our distant kids visit.  Today, finally, they closed on their house.  Andrew teaches his first class on Friday.

We did some fun things together too, as you will see in the little photo album below. This is made with some new software, and I’m not sure how it will work in this blog. Please try it out and let me know if you can see the photos and captions clearly.  The program called is called Sway.  Use the mouse wheel to scroll thru the entire album in smaller size inside the blog.  Or click on the middle button at the top to expand to full screen, which is the best idea.  I hope you can get it to work!




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