Still Dealing with Stuff

The bad news is that we do not yet have a renter for Rachel’s house, and we really need one. Please pray with us for a good solution.

The good news is that since there are not renters yet, we have been able to work some each day at her house to clean and remove stuff in an orderly fashion.

Don’t tell Andrew, but I did scrounge a thing or two out of his throwaway pile. For instance, a HS tuba player at church was happy to get a stack of Andrew’s old music today, including something the young man was going to have to buy. Also, I took two boxes of Andrew’s books to Half Price Books and came away $22 richer, about $.50 per book. My riches didn’t last long, however, since I immediately went next door and bought a Christian trivia game for use in my Sunday School class. We still have two more boxes of books to take there, hopefully some time this week.  We also have the stuff shown below to shred, but it may end up in a fire in our fire pit instead (no I probably won’t use gasoline on it…the gas can is there because we need more mower gas). 🙂


Meanwhile, we are supporting Rachel as she goes through her boxes. She is throwing some stuff away, and gathering a bit more for an online garage sale. She and Gary filled her little Scion with a load of her stuff and took it to the storage unit, with still more to go.


In other news, Rachel and I agreed to help out a friend of Rachel’s with babysitting one of her foster children for one or two nights. He is two and a half, quite verbal, and seems to love Gary (all little kids seem to like Gary!). He loves to eat, and to butter his own toast.


He also is quicker than greased lightning and does that thing like David and Sarah’s dog Mali–run faster when you chase him. At McDonald’s today he took off thru the play area, thru the seating area, out the door and was just a few feet away from traffic when I caught up with him enough to grab his hair and pull him to the ground. However, that sent me sprawling. Watching a woman of my age and girth, dressed in her Sunday finest, run and fall flat into the drive-thru lane is not a pretty sight–but the kind woman who got out of her car to help me pretended not to notice!  Gary rescued the child, Rachel rescued my purse, and eventually we made it safely home. I ended up with several scrapes and bruises, but no broken bones.


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