And More Stuff

Today was Labor Day and yes, we did labor. Our babysitting chores did not end until 1pm, so that kept us all busy. It took at least two of us at a time to keep an eye on him, giving the third person a little break. He had fun when I invented a poor man’s Slip ‘n Slide with our camping tarp and our garden hose that is full of holes. That kept him happy for 30 minutes.  No photos, because we aren’t supposed to post photos of him since he is still in the foster system.

In the afternoon Rachel and I returned to her house and went through more boxes. In fact, we got through all of her personal stuff, and repacked it for the storage unit. We ended up with 6 more boxes of books to go to Half Price Books, 6 more bags of trash, and some more for the paper recycling. Late this evening Gary took 12 boxes, 6 of which was her Christmas stuff, to the storage unit.  One thing we found, but haven’t told David yet, is a blue suitcase full of his baseball cards and a big binder of them that are his.

We still have several more days’ worth of work to do, but each day there has been progress on cleaning things out and consolidating things.  I wish we had a handyman around to do a few little things too–the people door to the garage needs to be replaced as do a couple of outside light fixtures that have motion sensors in them.

We got a call from Andrew today. They are busy busy trying to move into their house. They sure wish they had the stuff that is packed away in Sun City, but not sure when they can get it shipped.  Bella starts school on Wednesday.  Turns out that one place they might get after-school care for Bella is at the Lutheran church next door.  And I do mean next door–the church parking lot butts up to their yard. Andrew taught his two classes for the first time on Friday and seemed to think one went better than the other.  I guess we’ll hear more about that once they get settled.  Always so much to do to get moved in and settled.


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