Flotsam, Jetsam, and Detritus

And junk. And stuff. And odds and ends.

Rachel’s townhouse is now empty.  On Thursday she and I spent 3 hours with the boss at Property Management Unlimited going over a very long contract, giving them management of her property. They agree to find and vet a renter, take care of the financial transactions, and keep the place maintained. For a fee, of course. The housing market in south Dallas is pretty tight right now, so we are expecting it won’t take too long to find a renter.  And really hoping this is the case for cash flow reasons, since it has already been vacant for one month.

Gary and I took Friday morning off work to go back and finish–wow, so many little things to do, I wonder if it will ever be finished. We cleaned the carpets on the stairs, replaced the pull chain on the fan, added lightbulbs, discovered there were no batteries in the smoke detectors, and loaded up the Scion truck with more stuff to take out. Then I went back after lunch and did more touch up painting inside, a bit more cleaning, and then tackled the garage closet. And another load to our house.  At least the weather has cooled down–it is only in the high 90s now.

So Rachel’s house is empty but ours is full. It is going to take some doing to sort through all this stuff and find places for it all: boutique, furniture co-op, garage sale, lawnmower shed, under someone’s bed, and so on.


Rachel went back inside one last time to “say good-bye.”  Yes, she still owns it, but turning the keys over to a management company felt a lot different than renting it to her friends.  She cried a little, and I was sad for her, but we hope that eventually this can be a small source of income for her.  She is now trying to learn a new trick–referring to 718 Carriage way as “my business” rather than “my house.”



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