More Stuff Out the Door

Today after work I took a load of baseball stuff to a local card shop. He said nothing much from the 80s or 90s was worth anything, but he’d give me $20 for my car-full. So I’m $20 richer and somebody has a bunch of Nolan Ryan posters.

From there it was a third trip to Half Price Books, this time with two decades worth of National Geographics which I had tediously sorted and tied into annual bundles. $3 was my haul– next time I won’t bundle them. 🙂 We also said goodbye to the set of Science books that Gary won when he was in 7th grade. I’m sure those books were formative in his brain’s development fifty years ago, but not very useful now.  What we could use now is some vacant space.




In other news, didn’t Nana Maureen take some cute photos of our mutual grandkids?







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