Arizona Trip, part 2 (Balmorhea State Park)

After our sleep in Willcox we started out for Texas. It was a long day of driving through the desert of Arizona and New Mexico but we made it to our location just off I-10 a bit after 5pm,  Balmorhea State Park in west Texas.  They had a lodge so we weren’t really camping. Our key was awaiting us.  It is a one-of-a-kind place and is an example of what an oasis in the desert is really like.  So un-Texas looking!!





We changed into our swim suits so we could experience a the world’s oddest swimming pool–built by the CCC in the 30s, fed by a desert spring and filled with endangered fish. It was really cold, a constant 72 degrees, but we got in anyway. Well, Gary got in further than I did.









There were very few lights there, and very clear skies, so we saw the Milky Way and a million stars.  There was also no place to eat.  We finally stopped at a “grocery” and bought day-old burritos, a box of Cheese-its, and some cranberry juice.

We got off to a slow start the next morning because the truck complained that we needed to add air to one of the back tires. The air at the first station didn’t work, so we found a bigger station and got the air there to work. It was also large enough to have a grill inside to make us some breakfast burritos–so big we shared one for breakfast and saved the other one for lunch. We took a 2-lane road back to I-20 and drove through Pecos. My dad was stationed here in the war days, and he always talked about Pecos. It is also famous for cantaloupes.



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