The Stuff Has Arrived

Yesterday the Ubox that was filled with stuff at our house arrived at Andrew at Laura’s new house and was unloaded in 27 minutes! Andrew said he had fun finding all the odds and ends we had stuffed into the corners–stuff from his childhood (like baseball gear) and donations from Rachel (like some nice lawn chairs, a folding bookcase and a folding desk). We also stuck in his power saws. Who knows, maybe he’ll take up woodworking again.  He reported later that Laura was busy trying to get all the Arizona dust out of all the nooks and crannies.


His favorite extra items were these BoisD’Arc planks that he himself made during 9-11. The tree fell down while we were in Thailand and he bought a chainsaw and got busy.


And of course, they were happy to get all of Grandma and Grandpa’s nice furniture and pottery.


Speaking of pottery, David and Sarah got their shipment as well, at least one can surmise such by seeing this photo of these two cuties with the elephants made by their great-grandpa.


As for us, we are sad to report that we had to cancel our camping trip this weekend.  That is because all the campsites were already taken!  The weather is perfect and I’m sad to be here instead of at the park.  So in the meantime, we keep trying to get rid of stuff, finish work projects, and Rachel has and extra choir practice.  And maybe I’ll get up early and go birding.



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