The Price of Knowledge


Today these boxes made their way to Half Priced Books–sad, but true. They fetched a whopping $25, a far cry from their original purchase price somewhere north of $1200. The date on this set of Encyclopedia Britannica is the same as the date of the invention of the World Wide Web–1989.  I bet the company wishes it had taken Microsoft up on the offer to turn it into an electronic version…

We continue to try to get rid of stuff.  This week a load of Rachel’s household goods went to the Duncanville Outreach Center’s thrift store–our house doesn’t need two mixers or two rice cookers, etc.  More went to the Boutique.  I even dropped a box of Grandpa’s old sports books off at a local baseball card shop so he could give them away at a program he has at a Baptist Children’s home.  We are planning to give our real piano away to a family in the neighborhood who has young kids that want to take lessons–that should happen in a couple of weeks.  (And Gary still has his electronic piano with weighted keys so it plays like a real piano.)

It was finally cool enough for Gary to go up into the attic to put a new LAN cable in place.  You can see why:


Sunday evening he did some grilling–I always make more than we need for one meal, so we he grilled drumsticks, chicken tenders, and a slab of salmon.


In other news,

  • Rachel has been sick all week with a fever and respiratory problems, so she’s not been able to go to work.
  • Gary has spent the week beating an index into submission (or was it the other way around?) for his latest book which is actually going to be published in print.
  • Auntie Carol has spent the last two evenings here watching the World Series with us.
  • David called the other day and reported that Emma’s thumb is doing well–she doesn’t even need to have therapy.
  • David also said he’s on his 2nd or 3rd interview for a real job for next year.
  • Andrew called today via Skype and gave us a virtual video tour of their new house
  • My mom mentioned on Facebook that snow was collecting on her car (it is still in the mid-80s here)
  • Gary and I are going to Orlando next Monday for 5 days of meetings at Wycliffe, followed by a weekend of birding.

OK, I guess that is today’s update.


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