Time to Go Home

We fly back to Dallas tomorrow after our week of meetings at the Wycliffe Center and then a weekend of birding. Both events went well and we were glad to be here. I got lots of photos and after I go thru them I’ll post the best ones as I get time.

The weather was perfect with just a little shower this afternoon. The worst part is all of the Beware of Alligators signs all over the place! The alligators are creepy.  We saw several of them in the wetlands where we were birding.

For now, just let me post two photos of our rental car. My first time to drive a hybrid which is nice for slow speed birding because it doesn’t make any noise! It also has a dial shifter–cool, but it takes some getting used to.



We are in the town of Titusville, very close to Cape Canaveral. Everything here has a name like Space Shuttle Inn, Rocket Road, and Astronaut High School. We could see the launch pad towers from where we were birding.


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