Post-trip Update

I am still sorting through the photos from our trip and willl post some of them soonish, but for now, just a little update.

I spoke to David today who is in Ft.Worth. But since he didn’t bring any grandbabies with him, I refused to see him. Well, that’s not exactly how it happened, but …

I also talked to Andrew and Isabella today after remembering to pay up my promise to Bella for her marathon reading contest for her school. See the video here:

Rachel has been getting a few more babysitting opportunities. They seem to be a bit on-and-off, but she has found two nearby families that want her help on a more or less regular basis, if for short times. We’d like to see her work at least 20 hours per week, and she might almost be at that. She is signed up to take a CPR class at the Center on Saturday. We thought that was a good idea for a babysitter.  Rachel also got her first report from her new “business” of renting out her house.  The property management company made some little repairs, etc. as they moved in a new renter and by a month from now we’re hoping there will actually be some income to speak of.

Speaking of Rachel, she was complaining that she wanted pumpkin pie, so look what she did while we were at choir practice last night:


Yesterday I did some computer consulting with an older lady from our former church (Hi, Mary!). She said to tell Grandpa Wendell she knows just how he feels! 😉

On Tuesday we did our civic duty and voted.  I had a very difficult time finding anyone I liked to vote for.  In the end, I used my penmanship skills.  We stayed up late to see the results.




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