In New York for Thanksgiving

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve had plenty of things to post about, but I’m away from my nice big computer monitor and instead am trying to make a little tablet think it is a full sized computer–not much luck!  Also, hard to work with my photos without my normal computer software–I’ll sort them out and make an album of the good ones after I get home.


We (Gary, Rachel and I) arrived here on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and thus began a long list of “firsts” for Rachel:

  • First taxi ride
  • First Uber ride
  • First subway ride
  • First commuter train ride
  • First time to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • First time to see the Statue of Liberty
  • and probably a few others I forgot about.


We arrived in time for Thanksgiving, and Rachel went back to Dallas the Monday after, but Gary and I are staying on a week more to babysit Isabella while Andrew and Laura are in Scotland for a conference.  While Rachel was still here, these are some of the “touristy” and regular things we did:

  • Visited Andrew’s new place of employment, Fordham University (but it was closed)
  • Ate heroes at a deli in Little Italy
  • Went to the Botanical Garden
  • half of the group went to Central park and the Central Park zoo
  • made apple and pumpkin pies with Bella
  • watched Laura and Laura make a fabulous and complicated Thanksgiving meal
  • half of us went to Central park and the Central Park zoo
  • half of us went to the Met which could have taken days but we did it in hours.
  • went birding near the ocean
  • put up Christmas stuff (well, I mostly watched)
  • installed solar light along the sidewalk
  • went to Grand Central Station
  • Found the sculptures that our friend John Collier made for a church near ground zero
  • visited the 9-11 memorial
  • ate Dim Sum in Chinatown
  • walked across the Brooklyn Bridge along with about a million other people
  • ate at a Salvadoran place nearby
  • and learned the ropes for getting Bella to school and back and to her activities.

Andrew and Laura made it to Scotland after a delay for a day in Paris–I could think of worse places!  Today they visited a famous castle.

We’ve talked with Rachel several times and it sounds like she has everything under control.  Only problem, not her fault, is that somehow our mail is not being delivered properly–it has been messed up for about two weeks and we can’t seem to get it straightened out.

Taking care of Bella is turning out to be pretty easy.  At this stage she pretty much takes care of herself.  She loves to do so many different things, including cooking.  This evening she made salad with “carrot infused oil” (her words) in the homemade dressing!



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