Home from NY

Our trip home from NY on Tuesday was uneventful if a bit tedious. I wish I could sleep on planes like some people I know. Rachel was glad to see us, as we were her.

This trip kinda cut into the Christmas season, so I’ve decided to skip sending my usual goodies to one and all. Lack of time is the main reason, but I’m also acknowledging that everybody is “on a diet, has diabetes, and has too many sweets during the holiday season” anyway! The only exception will be mailing Grandpa Simons some of Bella’s sugar cookies.

Speaking of mail, our mail has been a mess for about a month. After 30 years of getting our mail in the same cubbie, we suddenly were getting no mail at all. This note was one of four that it took to finally, I think, get it sorted out. There were also phone conversations with the local Post Mistress and local mail carrier and an email sent to the federal PO system.


Once all mail arrived, there was a veritable mountain of in on the counter top to sort through.  I can’t ignore it, because I want my counter top back!  Actually, I sorted through it at 5:30 this morning when I woke up early.  90% of the bulk went into the recycle bin, 5% bills to pay, and 5% forward to Andrew’s new address.

Besides mail, we’ve had other things to deal with on our return:  Gary had to go to the dentist early afternoon and sit in the chair for two hours while the dentist drilled his tooth off in preparation for a crown.  And then we discovered Rachel’s car wouldn’t start and when I tried to remove the battery to go buy a new one, but it was too heavy for me to lift out and too wedged in there, and I lost one of the bracket pieces.  Somehow I got it back together, almost, then used the jumper cables and got it started long enough to drive it to the garage where they will put in an new battery and bracket, for a consideration.  So now I have to drive her to work today, but hopefully it will be finished by the time she finishes work.


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